‘Scott Pilgrim’ Anime Adaptation Confirmed For Netflix

With the New Year’s mark, Netflix is ​​ready to introduce new releases. If you are a lover of drama series or someone who likes to watch series with only human faces or someone who is obsessed with anime, you will love this news. The latest updates to the OTT platform that has spread like wildfire across the Internet is the anime adaptation of a very popular visual novel series, “Scott Pilgrim.” It’s obvious to many fans that this may be the best surprise Netflix can give “Scott Pilgrim” fans. Hence, Netflix has decided to breathe new life into the graphic novel while getting the characters moving.

As for the anime series, it will be more appropriate to call it an animated adaptation of the original “Scott Pilgrim”. Since many fans will misinterpret the series as a traditional Japanese anime and be disappointed. I don’t want to break anyone’s heart. Therefore, I have made it clear before moving on to the main topic. You can relate the series to have a kind of anime series art and animation similar to Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, Victor and Valentino, Adventure Time and many other non-Japanese animation series. Below you will get all the information about the anime adaptation for Netflix, release date, plot predictions and a brief introduction to the series.

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About Scott Pilgrim

The announcement for the anime that drove the crowd crazy is an anime adaptation of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series by artist and writer Bryan Lee O’Malley. The series was published by the US version of Oni Press Publications. It was published in serial format Digest Limited and belonged to the genres of action, fantasy, romance and drama. The series published its first chapter on August 18, 2004 and concluded on July 20, 2010. So far, the complete series of novels has been compiled into 6 volumes and also obtained a film adaptation. The film released in August 2010 was titled “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ”and was based on the six volumes in the series.

The films starring Michael Cera -also known for this work in films such as Superbad, Juno, This is the End- as the protagonist. As it centers on the plot of the visual novel, it revolves around the life of a young man named Scott Pilgrim. The protagonist is a lazy, part-time musician living in Toronto, Ontario. Scott plays bass in a local band, and the whole plot follows his journey to make his relationship with a local delivery girl successful. Since he has fallen in love with that delivery girl named Ramona Flowers, he has to defeat his seven exes, whom he refers to as “Evil.” Her journey to make her life easier and begin dating Ramón peacefully amidst the tension created by her exes has been depicted throughout the series.

Scott Pilgrim to get an anime adaptation
Scott Pilgrim visual sneak peek

‘Scott Pilgrim’ gets an anime adaptation for Netflix

Now that “Scott Pilgrim” is ready to be the Netflix’s next premiere of the year 2022, the series is reported to be produced in collaboration with Netflix and UCP. UCP is none other than the division of Universal Studio Group, which claims to help the “Umbrella Academy” get onto the digital screen. Other announcements include writing team Brayan Lee and Ben-David Grabinski, who previously served as showrunner for “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” from Nickelodeon. When talking about an anime series, it is very important to highlight the character designs that will decide the fate of the series. Famous studio Science Saru, known for creating hybrid hand-drawn digital art, has been chosen to produce the series.

Scott Prilgrim to get an anime adaptation
Scott pilgrim

The studio has done remarkable work known as “Adventure Time 2014”, “The Night is Short”, Walk on girl, “Keep your hands off Eizouken!” and the Star Wars anime anthology known as Star Wars: Visions. Since the novel got its recognition for the film adaptation, people have high hopes for the anime as well. The production companies and official sources have only announced the production of the series and have not yet said words regarding its premiere date. It will take time as it will be a long process, so I recommend that you keep an eye out for more updates on this topic. Until then, you can enjoy the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World in Peacock.

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