Senate Reaches Agreement to Avoid Government Shutdown, Schumer Announces

WASHINGTON – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Wednesday that senators reached an agreement on an interim government funding measure to avoid a shutdown.

“We are ready to move on,” Schumer said in the Senate. “We have an agreement on … the continuing resolution, to avoid a government shutdown and we should vote on that tomorrow morning,” Schumer said in the Senate.

Without passing the bill, the federal government would face a shutdown after the calendar changes to Friday. The agreement announced by Schumer keeps the government open until December 3.

The House passed a government funding bill last week with a 220-211 vote on the party line.

On Monday, the Senate blocked the House bill in a procedural vote. Republicans opposed the bill because it included an extension to the debt ceiling, which for political reasons they want to force Democrats to pass on their own.

The Senate resolution does not include an increase in the debt limit. However, it will include money for the resettlement of Afghan refugees and disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Ida.

There is still another possible sticking point. Republicans are pushing to include money for the Iron Dome, Israel’s military defense system.

The funds were removed from the House bill after opposition from progressives. The House passed a separate Defense bill that included the Iron Dome money last week with overwhelming support, 420 to 9. But now, Republicans want the government funding bill to include the Dome. Iron, which could cause problems when he returns to the Chamber.

Julie Tsirkin reported from Washington and Dartunorro Clark from New York.

Frank Thorp V contributed.

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