Shark Metaverse StarSharks, backed by Binance, raises $ 4.8 million from dozens of prominent investors

By | December 25, 2021

Blockchain investors continue to take note of new developments that bring the metaverse one step closer. StarSharks’ approach to disrupting GameFi and making NFTs transferable within the metaverse changes the nature of this entire industry.

StarSharks has closed a $ 4.8 million private round to disrupt the GameFi aspect of non-fungible tokens and the metaverse. The construction of the shark metaverse will help users, developers and investors to transfer NFT in different games within this ecosystem. In addition, there will be functions to own, mate and trade shark NFTs globally and without intermediaries.

As a Binance-backed company, StarSharks has attracted a financial injection of $ 4.8 million through a private round. Participants include 3 Commas Capital, Bas1s Ventures, Everest Ventures Group, Forward Analytics, Geekcaptel, Hyperedge Capital. LD Capital, Unix, YBB Foundation and many others. Dozens of respected companies contributed to the round, amplifying the appeal of what StarSharks will bring to the table.

StarSharks CEO Franky adds:

“StarSharks is dedicated to developing a next-generation blockchain gaming platform, to share and maximize the value of creativity through co-creation. We are grateful to have the support of more than 30 prestigious institutional investors and communities who believe in StarSharks vision, and we look forward to building the next generation gaming platform together. “

Before the private round, StarSharks received a strategic investment from Binance Labs, the incubator and venture capital arm of Binance. The founders of StarSharks include people who have worked for Timi Studio, Binance, and Google. Furthermore, the shark metaverse will be built on the Binance Smart Chain as it is an efficient, effective and powerful blockchain network to use.

StarSharks intends to disrupt the GameFi industry and bring game assets free. These assets are currently limited to one set, even if the parent company has multiple titles under its banner. With StarSharks, NFT holders can transfer assets between different games, creating more attractiveness, liquidity, and utility.

An additional feature of SurfSharks is how users can buy an NFT to access the metaverse or rent one to other players. The rent-to-play concept provides exposure to the metaverse for those who do not have enough capital to buy NFT up front. However, they can still earn in-game rewards with rented NFTs, although they will split the winnings with the original owner of the asset.

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