Shiba Inu Whale Holding 1 Trillion Tokens Acquires $3.9 Million SAND

A crypto whale “Gimli,” which currently holds 1 trillion Shiba Inu tokens and ranks sixth on WhaleStats, has increased its SAND holdings. According to the whale watch website, “Gimli” has purchased an additional 585,844 SAND tokens, or a value of $ 3,913,438. This brings the total balance of SAND tokens held by the large investor to 3,132,275, or a value of $ 19,528,762.

SAND is the native cryptoasset of The Sandbox and is ranked 32nd largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, according to data from CoinMarketCap. At press time, SAND was changing hands at $ 6.25, down 2.40% on the day.

In the last 24 hours, SAND remains in the top 10 most purchased tokens as another Ethereal whale ranking no. 2 has bought 859,518 SAND tokens, or $ 5,775,962 worth, as indicated by WhaleStats.

Apart from Shiba Inu, the famous whale ” Gimli ” has META, NIKE, Ethereum, MANA, MATIC and other currencies. The total value of its ERC-20-based crypto assets was valued at $ 2,205,392,592, as of press time.

Shiba Inu remains the largest token position by dollar value among ETH whales

WhaleStats analysis indicates that Shiba Inu remains the largest token position by dollar value among ETH whales and the second largest position after Ethereum.

Fountain: WhaleStats

Ethereum whale ” Gimli ” was known for its Shiba Inu shopping spree in November and the first part of December. U.Today reported in December of the mysterious buyer’s acquisition of 28 billion SHIB coins worth a staggering $ 1.1 million.

Currently, the famous whale now has 1 billion Shiba Inu coins worth $ 50,026,428.


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