Srivalli Marathi Version | Pushpa ‘Srivalli’ Marathi Version Adurs .. Netizens Fida: Viral Video

police constable sings marathi version of pushpa song srivalli

Srivalli Marathi Version | Specifically about the floral film? The movie was released amid huge expectations and became a super duper hit in many languages. The house is still full and Sankranthi is making huge gains. The film has been released in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. With this, the name of the film changed all over the country.

Only the movie .. the songs also became super duper hits. Srivalli song, Oo Antawa, Sami songs, however, are everywhere. In the background, a police constable from Pune sang a Marathi version of the song Srivalli.

Music has been the lifeblood of Constable Atish Kharade since childhood. He sings the songs of many movies on his own and shares them on his own YouTube channel. Aatish also sang and danced to the Marathi version of the Srivalli song from the latest super duper hit movie Pushpa in Hindi. Netizens who watched the video after sharing the video on their YouTube channel are getting fed up with Manodi’s voice and dance.

Chandrabose wrote the original Srivalli song composed by Devisriprasad. Sid Shriram sings in Telugu. The song has garnered 17 million views on YouTube so far.

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