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Sukumar | There is no need to say anything special about director Sukumar’s identity in the Telugu industry. His films .. Sukumar Range tells about the successes they have achieved. He has recently come forward with a floral film. The movie, which grossed Rs 300 crore in theaters, is now streaming on Amazon Prime Videos. There is also a good response to this. With that, Sukumar’s name is once again gaining ground in the Telugu industry. Meanwhile, Sukumar recently uttered a word in his mind. Sukumar, who usually stays away from remake movies, wanted to remake only two Tamil movies in Telugu. Sukumar said that no one had asked him about them at that time.

Vikram Veda and Rachchasan are two films that have captivated Sukumar so much. Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas has already remade the movie Rachchasan in Telugu under the name Rakshasudu. But Vikram Veda has not been remade yet. There were discussions for many days that it would be better if Rana and Venkatesh did this movie in Telugu. However it did not work out. On the other hand, Ravi Teja’s name is also heard in this remake. Still it remained the same. Sukumar said that he felt wonderful when he saw two movies. But he says he too has become silent because no one has asked. All the two films that captivated the creative director were made by Tamil directors.

Sukumar is currently busy with Pushpa The Rule. Flower film shooting is looking to start after February. If the corona virus is spared the shooting will start as expected. Already 50 percent of the shooting for the second part has also been completed. The rest of the film is expected to be completed soon and released in December 2022.

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