Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40 Delayed: The Evil Child Fuu vs. Team Gogeta

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40 was delayed for a month and returned around February 2022. The war between the Saiyans and evil boy Fuu continues in Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40. Goku recently arrived in a mysterious world and saw the evil boy Fuu. sitting near a legendary tree. Fuu smiled as she made eye contact with Goku. He revealed that he fuses his body with Doki Doki to crush the Labyrinth of Time. The latest episode of Super-Dragon-Ball Heroes reveals a war between Goku, the Saiyan prince Vegeta, and a mysterious villain who is revealed to be Super Saiyan Black.

Before Goku met Evil Boy Fuu, he went to train with the Prince of Saiyan as they had to face Supersiayan Black. Cloaked Saiyan explained the details of the training and would handle the villain while they trained. Goku and Vegeta entered a dimension and trained hard to take down Saiyan Black. The other villain allies also helped out during the battle and defeated Saiyan Black. But Goku traveled and met Evil Child Fuu. Fuu told Son Goku how he got his powers and got angry that Fuu did something bad to get his power.

Vegeta is teleported to Goku’s location with another version of Goku. Fuu realizes that it will be fun since she will fight with the strongest warriors, but she plans something. He told the Saiyans that he was powerful and could even surpass God. The Saiyans prepare to crush Fuu. Saiyan Cumber and the other Saiyan join the battle. One of the Saiyans was Broly, who noticed that his rival was on the other side. Broly attacks Goku and Vegeta. Saiyan Cummber blocks the attacks and reminds Broly that he is his opponent. Broly yells that Kakarrot will pay.

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Cumber blocks Broly’s path. Meanwhile, Fuu is excited that he will only be fighting four Saiyans. Broly and Cumber exchange massive lightning bolts. Fuu told Goku that in his new version he is more powerful than the four of them put together. Goku, Vegeta and the other two Saiyan clones fuse together to face Fuuu. The other two Clone Saiyans are Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta. Xeno Vegeta transforms into Xeno Gogeta. Broly crushed Cumber, who survived, and grabbed Broly’s hands. Cumber asks Broly to show his true powers.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40

Broly gets angry and shoots Cumber. Hearts realizes that it has turned into an entertaining battle and joins Cumber vs. Broly. Fuu unleashes her powers and confronts Xeno Gogeta. But Xeno Gogeta summons his powers to enhance his body and goes into Super Saiyan Blue Evolved and then Full-Power Super Saiyan 4. Fuu deflects all of the Saiyans’ massive attacks. He crushes them and separates them into Xeno Vegeta, Xeno Goku, Goku and Vegeta. Goku was impressed that Fuu split them apart in one blow.

Goku and Vegeta admit that Super Saiyan Blue Evolved: Full-Power Super Saiyan 4 was not powerful enough to defeat Fuu. Fuu surrounds himself with powers that enter his body. He then launches a massive Ki that explodes at Xeno Vegeta, Xeno Goku, Goku, and Vegeta. After a massive explosion, Fuu launches a giant sword and opens a portal to summon powers that destroy everything. He sends Vegeta and Xeno Vegeta to another portal. Xeno Vegeta and Vegeta met Xeno Goku. Goku can’t believe that they took Xeno Vegeta away. But when Fuu wants to get rid of Goku, the Supreme Kai of Time joins the battle. She deflects Fuu’s attacks and protects Xeno Goku and Goku.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40 Release Date

Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 40 will be released on January 24, 2022. Supreme Kai reveals that they have less time and must use it profitably as he cannot hold Fuu that long. Supreme Kai gave the Saiyans new powers and told them to break their limit barrier and push their Ki to the limit. Xeno Goku and Goku merge their energy and enter a new form. Fuu realizes that Supreme Kai has joined the battle. Let us see the official details of Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 40.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40
The evil Chil Fuu

Watch Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40 online on the official Youtube channel and YouTube (playlist). Super Dragon Ball Heroes has not offered other official platforms except Youtube, but the latest episodes and updates will be available on the official Youtube channel. The Evil Chil Fuu against Goku and Xeno Goku continues in the next episode. Let’s meet when episode 40 is released.

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