Tears without glycerin!

‘I read psychology so I can quickly understand the personality of human beings. Psychology helps us to excel in life as well as in the film industry, ”says Kannada Soyagam Krithishetti. The latest film in which she is playing the heroine is ‘Bangarraju’. Kalyan Krishna is the director of Kursala. It will be released on the 14th of this month. On Tuesday, Krithishetti told reporters, ‘I played the role of Gramsarpanch in this film. Holding the mic and making speeches seemed new. My character shares a mixture of innocence and hilarious laughter. Even though the awareness about Telugu rural traditions increased during the time of ‘Uppena’ movie. Got a chance to learn more through ‘Bangaraju’. I would act in crying scenes without glycerin. Immerse yourself in a better understanding of the nature of the character. While being selective in the selection of stories. I choose the roles that will enhance my career. ‘

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