Telenovela Shiba Inu: The war of words breaks out between prominent accounts

A bizarre online battle is taking place on Twitter between Ask the Doctor and Shiba Inu promoter Shytoshi Kusama, and both are threatening each other with legal action and doxxing, with the Canadian platform threatening to expose the true identity of the Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu promoter.

Meanwhile, SHIB has risen more than 11% in the past 24 hours amid all this drama.

Legal action and threats from doxxing

Ask The Doctor, a prominent SHIB whale and former promoter, turned dramatically against the project, training his weapons with the project’s leader, Shytoshi Kusama. Ask The Doctor made a total change and called the cryptocurrency the “biggest scam in crypto”.

After calling Shiba Inu a scam, Ask The Doctor also stated that the project was preparing groundwork for a carpet extraction event, although none of these claims were supported by any solid evidence. The Ask The Doctor Twitter account even threatened legal action, stating that a defamation lawsuit will be filed and at the same time threatening to expose Shytoshi Kusama’s real identity.

Ask the doctor who said in a tweet,

“We will start our initial lawsuit against @Shibtoken and @ShytoshiKusama in the UK tomorrow. It is our obligation to protect the crypto community from these potential scammers. We will obtain their identities. “

Shytoshi’s Counter Threat

Undaunted Shytoshi Kusama launched his own scathing counter after Ask The Doctor’s doxxing threat and responded with a veiled legal threat, stating:

“Tell your legal team that it is illegal to buy a verified account to use to scam other people. Tell them that it is illegal to take money from other people for a service that you never provide. And if you REALLY want to come get me… COME GET ME. Anyway, it’s almost time … I’m ready. “

The disappearing storm of tweets

After the Twitter drama unfolded on Tuesday, further developments in the dispute remained vague, and it seems unlikely that there will be any action anytime soon after Twitter’s bombast. After the SHIB army jumped to the defense of Shytoshi Kusama, and after losing over 10,000 followers, Ask The Doctor deleted all Tweets directed at Shytoshi and Shiba Inu.

Ask The Doctor’s U-turn has surprised many, especially after the platform added around $ 1.5 million in SHIB tokens in early December. The platform had also started sharing Shiba-Inu-related merchandise.

A fraudulent account

Shytoshi called the Ask The Doctor account a scam account in a tweet, while Billy Markus, the co-founder of Dogecoin, said the account previously asked people to sell their DOGE for SHIB. Multiple people on Twitter have questioned the legitimacy of the I-clinic, and Shytoshi also questioned the authenticity of his verified account, suggesting that the account must have purchased verification from a third party.

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