Telugu cinema should unite

‘Nathu is thirsty to hear the wall of cine communities in the AP. The issue of ticket rates should be discussed jointly by the entire film industry. That proposal should be heard by the government. I will abide by whatever decision is taken by the industry as a whole, ”said Balakrishna. He acted as the protagonist in the movie ‘Akhanda’. Boyapati Srinu is the director.

Speaking at the Victory Ceremony in Hyderabad on Wednesday, Balakrishna said, “This film has entertained the Telugu audience all over the world as ‘Pan World’. Nowadays cinema has become an essential commodity. Directors should have the quest to make innovative films. The film industry needs the cooperation of both the Telugu state governments, ”he said. ‘It was a film that gave courage to the film industry. Balakrishna never asked me a single question about the story, his character. Believe me the movie was made. Boyapati Sreenu said that the film will satisfy the fans of all the heroes. The event was attended by Srikanth, Ayyappa P Sharma and others.

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