Telugu cinema should win

Watching the trailer, it feels like the release of the movie wallpaper that is supposed to come on Valentine’s Day. Ashish dances well in the song ‘Day Night’ ‘said Allu Arjun. He released the song ‘Date Night’ from the movie ‘Rowdy Boys’ in Hyderabad on Monday. Ashish and Anupama Parameswaran are acting as a couple. Built by Dilraju and Shirish under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Creations. Sriharsha Konuganti is the director. Sankranthi will be released on the 14th of this month.

Allu Arjun‌ said ‘This celebration is very special to me. My journey as an actor started with the movie ‘Arya’. Without Dil Raju, there would be no such movie. Ashish, Anshu and Harshit are small children in ‘Arya’ movie time. Now one of them is happy to grow into a hero and the other into a producer. I get the feeling that my own family members have reached the top. I came to this event thinking it was my own celebration with the responsibility of promoting Ashish. Along with my film Puspa, which was released in December, Akhanda and Shyamsingarai were huge successes.

Movies being released for Sankranthi should continue that success. It is time for Telugu cinema to win. ‘ Diliraju said, “Ashish was there in 2004 when the song ‘Thakadimithum’ from ‘Arya’ was being screened on Allu Arjun in Vizag. He was then seven years old. Bunny is happy to release the movie song starring Ashish years later. This day will be remembered forever in Ashish’s life. This is a youthful entertainer. The film appeals to young people between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five.

Premadesam, Toliprema, Arya, Happiness’s are fun. Distributes laughter to everyone in theaters. We give that guarantee. All the films from our company go with family values. Let’s cross some boundaries for this movie. Gives Ashish a good start as a protagonist. Five films released so far by our company during Sankranthi have been big hits. I am confident that we will get a double hat trick with this movie. ‘ Ashish said, ‘I am happy that directors Sukumar, Vinayak and NTR have released my first look at the film and the trailer.

I will never forget my favorite actor Bunny releasing the song ‘Date Night’. Allu Arjun’s dedication and discipline impress me. Although he knew that he could excel in movies if he worked hard. Bunny is one of the best dancers in the industry. He is happy to release the song from my movie. ‘ Sriharsha Konuganti said, ‘Allu Arjun has given a good impetus to bring my debut film’ Hussaar ‘to the audience. I’m a big fan of him. The song ‘Date Night’ goes on in the background of the Freshers’ Party. The song was shot differently from the routine. ‘ The event was attended by Shirish, Harshit Reddy and others.

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