Teppen!!! Anime Announced

Reality is something that cannot be ignored, you have to face and do everything based on the ethics of the real world. Whether you are watching a TV series or a movie, you will be able to see one thing or another related to the real world. This is what we call the realistic theme of a particular story, and this fact does not make a word boring because it includes many things that may be enough to keep the audience pleased with the series. There you can find emotions, be they sad or happy, a touch of humor, inspiration and anything that can make that series interesting to you. If you like to see things based on real life, this anime series is for you.

Since the year 2022 began, it has been bombarding us with whatever new anime series you could ask for. You want the most anticipated, you will get it, you want something of the shonen genre, you will get it, you demand a series of Slice of Life, you will also get it. The year is going to fill your entire schedule with new releases, and here comes another one focused on the real-life concept. The anime series Teppen !!!! It has already been announced, and as I mentioned above, you will be able to see all the colors of real life in the next series.

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About Teppen !!!!!

The reason I dedicated the introduction to praising the concept of realism in a television series or anime show is that the anime that we are going to talk about here is about real things. Teppen !!! The upcoming anime series is an anime adaptation of the manga series written by story developer Inujun and illustrator Namamugi. The manga launched its first chapter on January 8, 2021, in Monthly Bushiroad magazine. Later, it was announced that Kadokawa Publications will publish the second volume of the manga on January 20. The inspiration for the manga comes from real people, a trio of voice actors, to be particular. Seiyu San-Shimai Team Y is a team of voice actors named Mikoi Sasaki, Aimi, and Asaya Ito, the team also has a YouTube channel with over 133,000 subscribers.

The plot of the story has more of a concept of maturity, showing the growth of the three protagonists of the series inspired by Seiyu San-Shimai Team Y. Yayoi Skamoto, a high school girl who is a fan of comedians. and I like to watch stand-up comedies and related things. As he developed an interest in becoming a comedian, he enrolled in Kazuki High School in Nanba. Nanba is a district of the city of Osaka that is famous for producing or being the starting point of famous comedians. His life continued there when he reunited with his childhood friend, Yomogi Takahashi.

After meeting her childhood friend, Yayoi recalled her days when she, along with Yomogi, formed a comedian duo called “Konamonzu”. Their journey to becoming comedians took off when they began practicing in local parks every day to enter contests at local shopping malls. They later met the third female lead in the series, who was initially introduced as a mystery girl.

Teppen !!!  anime announced
Teppén !!!

Teppen !!! anime announced

After knowing about the manga, you can also predict that it will have an anime adaptation. However, before we can think about it, the producer has already announced an anime series for the manga. On Thursday, January 6, 2022, it was announced that the Teppen manga series will have an anime adaptation. The anime’s title is Teppen !!! With not just three exclamation points. What is unique about this title is that it has more than 15 exclamation marks that will look like this (Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). When asked why it has so many excavation marks, the creators mocked viewers saying that it has some meaning with the series. Many people might have mistaken it for Teppen – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Takaki Konari (1993), but it has nothing to do with that.

Teppen !!!  anime announced
Seiyu San-Shimai Team Y

As for the word “Teppen”, its literal meaning is “superior” in Japanese. The creation of the manga started the day Team Y performed manzai at an event in January 2019 and decided to create some original character designs inspired by the real world. Therefore, they started a project and eventually it came out as a manga series based on the theme “comedy”. The only thing confirmed so far is that production on the anime has started, and it can be expected at any time in the near future. The particular dates and plans regarding the series have been kept low-key, as you have to wait a long time to meet them.

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