The new generation in the industry .. young heroines who are fascinated by beauty ..

Young Heroines | When new water comes in the industry the old water has to go sideways. It happens every year. Some of the heroines stay away without appearing. Some new heroines are getting acquainted with the industry. This time, however, the senior heroines remained. Along with them new heroines are now coming to the industry.

Young Heroines
Young Heroines

Kriti Shetty, who was introduced to the audience with her film Uppena last year, has made a name for herself in the Telugu industry with a series of films. Her second film Nani Shyam Singarai was also a great success. Currently the work is coming to Sankranthi with the movie Bangarraju. She has Rama Linguswamy movie in her hand and Sudhir Babu has two more movies to tell about this girl.

Ketika Sharma, who made her entry into the industry with the romantic film starring Puri Jagannath’s son Aakash as the hero, is now also making a carafe address to short films. Over this girl is the next level in the beauty arena. That is why young heroes are looking at her. On the other hand, opportunities are coming for Neha Shetty as well. Introduced to Puri Jagannath Mehbooba movie, this muddugumma .. Sandeep Kishan acted in the movie Gully Rowdy. The latest DJ Till is coming forward to the audience with the movie.

Not only Veelu but also some young heroines are showing their potential in the Telugu industry now. The producers of the film are stepping towards them. If you take them, the remuneration will be less along with the beauty of the movie. All of them are receiving remuneration in the range of Rs 20 to 40 lakhs. Kriti Shetty now takes over a crore for accepted films. That’s why producers are increasingly stepping towards new heroines.

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