The Saika Demons Overwhelms The Warlords In Rusted Armors Episode 2

Rusted Armors Episode 2 reveals the endless war across Japan. The Muromachi Shogunate continues this war that has been going on for many years. Conflicts arise between feudal lords across Japan. The knights traveling through the Saika forest wondered if there were demons after hearing something. They talked about the troop that came before them, and none of those guys came back alive. The other knights who didn’t know that realize that they might be in danger. The latest episode of Rusted Armors reveals Saika’s feast with glimpses of animals and enemies.

The commander told the knight to stop scaring them as the mission awaited them. The nearby raven registers everything and sends the signal to the Saika. Saika’s Kurohyo notices the knights and prepares to attack. Kurohyo uses his armored arm that shoots bullets at the knights. Some knights decided to retreat and say that they did not sign a death contract in the forest. Saika’s Ageha blocks the path of the knights who were about to retreat. The gentlemen ask who is this beautiful lady who is chasing them. One of them thinks he can play with that lady since they have already lost the war.

The knight believes that no one will find out that a woman’s honor was ruined. Ageha asks them if they are dreaming and kills them. On the other side of the forest, Hotarubi and Tsuru de Saika fight with a group of knights. Hotaru thinks Tsuru should have stayed behind him. Tsuru noticed that Hotaru was bragging after defeating some warriors. Kill the knight who nearly cut off Hotaru’s head and reminds her to focus. Hoto de Saika smiles sitting on the tree branch, and the raven perches on his shoulder.

Previously in Rusted Armors Episode 1

The commander was surprised that a group of fewer than ten men had defeated a force of 300 men. She realizes that her knight was telling the truth and calls those men the Saika demons. The commander begins to escape and realizes that he can call for reinforcements. Saika’s Deku uses a bazooka to destroy the commander. He noticed that the commander and his men were wearing stupid costumes. Deku reminds Magoichi about the boss who would escape. Magoichi used his sword skills and said that the boss would not run away.

Rusty armor episode 2
Rusty armor episode 2

Magoichi blocks the chief’s path and asks the chief if he is not ashamed to leave his men behind and is not worthy of being called a leader. The boss thought that a blond brat couldn’t defeat him. But Magoichi cuts off the boss before he takes a single step. The Saika demons head home and realize they had a great warm-up beating those punks. They reveal the Saika village where they live and protect the men and women who make a living there. They head to the hot springs and relax, realizing that they will soon face enemies.

The Saika demons know that feudal lords and different bandits invade the village to take it over, but they always set traps and defeat them. Deku and Magoici had fun and Deku thinks that Magoichi has changed. He realizes that Magoichi was different when he moved to town three years ago. Magoichi realizes that he can’t tell the difference. The Saika demons use weapons upgraded with Ryumyaku. Ryumyaku gives them powers that are beyond human limits. Magoichi has lost his memories and remembers things in the present.

Rusted Armors Episode 2 Release Date

Rusted Armors Episode 2 will be released on January 16, 2022. Deku hit Magoichi because he was thinking of something. It reminds you to be happy as you have won the battle. Tsuru and Hotaru went to the shrine and prayed. Hotaru realizes that Tsuru treats him like a child and admits that he will never be stronger than Tsuru. Tsuru told Hotaru that she would protect him and Hotaru believed that he was capable since he was the Saika. Let’s see the official details of Episode 2 of Rusted Armors.

Rusty armor episode 2
Rusty armor episode 2

Watch Rusted Armors Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Rusted Armors Episode 2 online on Bilibili Global and VRV on Sunday at 10:00 AM JST. You can also watch Rusted Armors episode 2 online on the official Crunchyroll and Youtube channels for those in the UK. Tsuru reveals that they will leave the village after the next battle, as it will endanger Tsuru’s life. Later, the Saika demons fight another group of enemies and a mysterious warrior joins the battle. Let’s meet when Rusted Armors Episode 2 releases.

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