‘The Walking Dead’ season 11 features some of its scariest moments yet

After more than a decade on television, The Walking Dead it is coming to its end. Dozens of characters, subplots, and tragedies are behind us, leaving many fans wondering how the final season will unfold. With a whopping 24 episodes planned and nearly a third of the season available for bingeing via AMC Plus today, this third season under showrunner Angela Kang is shaping up to be an ending to remember.

Josh Hamilton on The Walking Dead

Josh Hamilton in ‘The Walking Dead’ (Image credit: amc)

Season 11 started off with a bang when Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and a smorgasbord of Alexandria residents in search of food lead everyone to an abandoned subway station littered with the undead. A drop of blood awakens the horde, and the group barely escapes alive. Back home, they decide to go on another scouting expedition, at which point Maggie teams up with the man who murdered her husband Glenn in cold blood, none other than the antihero Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). This forces them to work as a team during the first episodes of the season, as their animosity abruptly changes from the murderous to the mutually beneficial.

Maggie and Negan aren’t the only two mainstays returning to action. The conclusion of season 10 saw a closing moment for Carol (Melissa McBride), who lost her adopted son and almost herself in the process. This season, she continues to struggle with complicated emotions, but we see her regain her sense of morality. When his friend Aaron (Ross Marquand) nearly tortures a man to death, she is the one who stops him from taking the last step. Painful moments in which she loses a herd of horses destined to feed the city and then kills one after sharing a moment with him and fighting with her body, gives an insight into the constant moral concessions she has been forced to make, and how they have done it. used on it.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan on The Walking Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan on ‘The Walking Dead’ (Image credit: amc)

Last season, Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Virgil (Kevin Carroll) parted ways with the group, which opened up to one of the franchise’s scariest subplots in its long history. Sheltered in a dilapidated house, Connie struggles to communicate to Virgil that it wasn’t sheer luck that brought them there, but that they may have been herded. He urges her to get some sleep, but a herd of nearly naked men running on all fours break away and attack them. Trapped, Connie tries to signal Virgil that one of the men is approaching behind him, but Virgil misinterprets him and nearly stabs her after an ugly fight with one of the wild men.

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