‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ is still a heartfelt gem

This post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is entering its second and final season, which was announced alongside its 2020 premiere. Erratic programming, pandemic issues, and the feeling of having ended as it had begun could make fans of the franchise feel as though this was a program that was never kept long. of an opportunity. However, despite mixed critical reception and an apparent lack of an overview of the series, the incredible cast, emotional dialogue, and sense of adventure managed to make this a hidden gem in the world of The Walking Dead.

Alexa Mansour in The World Beyond

Alexa Mansour in ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ (Image credit: amc)

A decade after the zombie apocalypse, remnants of humanity have worked to build small civilizations. Yet many of them seem doomed to repeat old power dynamics and have found themselves clinging to a world that no longer exists. Instead of coming together, the old dominance systems have been reestablished and humanity is expected to soon disappear from the planet.

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