Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Roses are Red, Alexa interprets “Traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo; I thought you were a Friend, but you turned out to be a Traitor. In anime, there are heroes and villains. There are friends, and there are enemies. However, the most compelling characters are the ones who became traitors. These characters have not only added great depth to the plot, but have also invoked negative feelings among other characters and among fans. So, here we will be looking at the top 10 anime betrayals that left us shocked.

Sometimes these plot twists are loved by the fans, while sometimes the fans don’t like the direction of the story. It also often happens that these traitors betray their own to protect themselves or the person they love. Regardless, these characters play a significant role in their respective anime to drive the story forward. They also, on occasion, inspire the growth of the main characters. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 betrayals in anime. That said, this article also contains major spoilers.

Top 10 anime betrayals

Ray reveals the location of the rope (The Promised Neverland)

The Promised Neverland is a chilling anime that introduces us to a dystopian world. In this world, there are children who are cared for in an orphanage. However, things take a dark turn when these children discover the reason for their existence. In this anime, he takes us into the journey of Norman, Emma and Ray who find their way out of their orphanage while saving all the children present there.


To prove that there was no traitor among the children who gave information to “Mama”, their caretaker, the trio devised a plan involving the escape rope. After a successful plan, Norman catches the traitor, who turns out to be none other than Ray. It is also revealed that Ray knew about the orphanage’s workings and thus Mama gave him special preference as her informant. Ray then reveals that he gave the caretaker information to gain his trust. Thus, he “double betrays” the anime characters.

Kaede Kayano is not a normal student (Assassination Classroom)

Initially, Kayano is shown to be one of the more normal characters in Assassination Classroom. Her character seemed to be a sweet and helpful female lead who was always supportive of her friends. However, things change when he reveals his true identity. Although he literally betrays no one, fans in Japan voted him #1 in a poll on “Most Shocking Anime Betrayals” in 2020.

Kaede Kayano

She is part of the abandoned class 3-E, but she only studies there to complete her ultimate goal. Although everyone was tasked with killing Korosensei, Kayano wanted to kill him out of revenge. She is revealed to be Akari Yukimura and the sister of Aguri Yukimura, Korosensei’s deceased lover. Not only this, but just like Korosesei, she also has two tentacles coming out of the back of her neck. In the end, she is defeated and Korosensei removes her tentacles, causing her to assume her fake persona as the real one.

Rachel pushes Bam (Tower of God)

Tower of God is an anime adapted from a manhwa. In the anime, we are introduced to a boy named Baam who decides to enter a mysterious tower in search of a girl named Rachel. He successfully makes it to the tower and advances each floor, making friends and enemies. Bam finally meets Rachel and decides to protect her.


However, things take an ugly turn when Rachel pushes Bam to his “death” in the final phase of his trial. Although not many people on Baam’s team know this happened, it has already been revealed to viewers that Rachel not only betrayed Bam, but has also hated him for a long time. This is perhaps the most heartbreaking betrayal in anime, considering what Baam went through for Rachel.

Aizen betrays Soul Society (Bleach)

Aizen’s betrayal had us all wondering what made this chivalrous 5th Division captain turn his back on his own people. Sosuke Aizen is a character from Bleach. He betrays his kin by declaring war on Soul Society and dispatching Arrancars, Aizen’s loyal army. Although he is a villain, Aizen is considered one of the strongest characters in anime. In fact, not only was he powerful, but his powers were backed by his intellect. He is known for being one of the most iconic villains in anime.


Moeka: The reason behind Okabe’s suffering (Steins;Gate)

The Steins;Gate universe is definitely the most intriguing world when it comes to anime. It is a story about a mad scientist, Okabe Rintaro, and his obsession with time travel. He assembles a team of 3 people, including himself, Mayuri, and Daru. Things change when he finally manages to create a time machine.

moeka kiryuu

We then meet Moeka Kiryu, a character who is obsessed with her phone. Okabe contacts her about a retro computer he needed. She eventually joins the crew, however, with a different motive than the rest of the members. When the team finally managed to build a successful time machine, Moeka opened the door and shot Mayuri. This betrayal causes Okabe to use the time machine to save Mayuri, but at the cost of Kurisu, her love interest’s life.

Itachi Uchiha slaughters his entire clan (Naruto)

Itachi Uchiha’s betrayal is justified for his own reason. It is, in fact, one of the most famous betrayals in anime. He is a character from Naruto who was from the Hidden Leaf village. From the beginning of the series, he is shown as a rogue ninja. Not only that, but he is also revealed to be the target whom his younger brother Sasuke swore to kill. He did not betray the town but his own clan within the town. Itachi Uchiha killed his entire clan due to an order to protect the village.

anime betrayals
Itachi Uchiha

In the early part of the Naruto franchise, Itachi was one of the hated characters, but as we moved into Naruto Shippuden, we not only empathized but shifted our emotions towards Itachi’s betrayal.

Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt: The Most Shocking Betrayal (Attack on Titan)

I still remember pausing this episode and going for a walk around the house for this anime betrayal. Attack on Titan has become one of the most hyped anime. Not only does it provide us with an interesting story, but it also introduces philosophical themes that leave viewers thinking. In season 1, we are introduced to Eren Yeager, who becomes a Titan. This in itself changes the narrative, but what turns it upside down is when Annie is revealed to be the Female Titan.

anime betrayals
L-R: Annie, Reiner, Bertholdt

On top of this, we still didn’t know who the Armor and Colossal titans were until season 2. Considering that the female titan’s features closely resembled Annie’s, if you think about it, this betrayal was right in front of us, but we didn’t see that. Although the characters were suspicious of them, when Reiner and Bertholdt finally reveal themselves, their “friends” are shown to express feelings of betrayal in the form of anger. Reiner and Bertholdt’s reveal is known as one of the biggest betrayals in recent anime history.

Aoyama reveals the location (My Hero Academia)

Aoyama from My Hero Academia is the newest traitor amongst the anime traitors. This was also something we could have caught a lot earlier. However, every time they gave us hints, we laughed. How? Well consider this, Deku is the anime protagonist who was given his quirks by All Might. In his early stages, he was unable to control his quirk, often resulting in him being severely injured. The second Deku person who couldn’t control his quirk was Aoyama. If viewers connected the dots, maybe we could have known about it from the start.

anime betrayals

However, fan theories have him suspected among the list of traitors for his shady behaviors in the past. However, knowing that he handed over his class location to the League of Villains because he was forced to leave some fans empathizing with him.

Griffith’s Madness (Berserk)

Perhaps one of the most brutal anime out there, Berserk has been loved by many fans for it. This anime tells us the story of Guts and his efforts after joining the Band of Hawks. This group has a leader named Griffith, someone admired by many people and even called “Falcon of Light”. Griffith has played an important role in uniting and ending the Hundred Year War.

anime betrayals

Things take a turn for the worse for him when he has sex with Princess Charlotte. This act captures and tortures him for a long time. This torture makes him lose himself. However, the Band of Hawks is determined to get their leader back. Unfortunately, Griffith ends up sacrificing the Bank of Falcons to become Femto.

Lastly, don’t fall for the cute appearance of Kyubey (Madoka Magica)

This anime is about a group of girls who receive magical powers from a cute cat-like creature named Kyubey. All this so the girls could help Kyubey fight some witches. It was an irrefutable offer as Kyubey even offered to grant these girls’ wishes.


However, this contract is based on a dark truth. The witches they have to fight were once girls like them who made a deal with Kyubey. This little kitten therefore creates these witches after these girls give in to their despair. This is probably one of the most shocking betrayals in anime, considering that Kyubey was such a beloved character.

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