Top 10 Cutest Neko Characters In Anime

By | January 10, 2022

When you think of cats, you immediately think of their cute eyes and paws, although some think it is creepy. However, only weebs and cat lovers know the true cuteness of cats. Everyone loves to watch cute cat videos and TikTok. Cartoons like Garfield and memes like Nyan cat have been successful for so long at featuring a cat. Cats turn into all kinds of things. But, Japanese anime creators have gone overboard with this concept. They have given birth to Nekomimi. Thus, a whole world of feline human beings waits to be discovered: The Nekomimi !! Nekomimi is the literal word for cat ears in Japanese. It is generally used to refer to a cat girl. However, they are also given a few more names like musume, nekojin, and neko. They are human-like creatures, especially a female who behaves like a cat or has physical characteristics like tails and ears. So, here we will discuss some of the cutest neko characters in anime.

There are several levels of catgirls that have been rated on their catness. The list begins with characters posing as a cat. They resemble a cat through their behavior. They don’t need to wear any costumes or have fancy tails and ears, while some are cosplayers. They behave like a cat after wearing a helmet or full cat costume. However, few of the characters are generally humans who can turn into cats. Transformation usually gives your character a boost. Leone from Akame Ga Kill is the best example in this regard. Some characters are feline beings and belong to a completely different race. They have full-blown cat ears and a beautiful tail. While you’re still deciding which level of cat girl suits you, you can check out some feline beings from our list of the ten cutest Neko characters in anime.

10. Kyaru from Princess Connect! Re: diving

Kyaru, originally sent by Kaiser Insight to spy on Yukki and assassinate Pecorine, forms a friendship with them. Due to his sweetness, he ends up getting closer to them. Torn between her mission and her love, she is always undecided about what to do. It belongs to the upper level of Nekomimi and has cat ears and tail. It behaves exactly like a cat and has a peculiar climbing and scurrying behavior. She is adorable and definitely belongs in our top picks for Neko characters.

The 10 cutest Neko characters in anime - Kyaru

9. Nekopara Chocolate

Nekopara is originally a visual novel that also has an anime adaptation. It is a sweet little anime with several cat girls. Chocola is one of the Neko girls in the anime series. She is super cute, and in addition to her adorable cat demeanor, she wears costumes and even wears a bell around her neck. She is full of enthusiasm and rarely scared. Help Vanilla in the bakery.


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8. Alicia Rue from Sword Art Online

Alicia Rue is unlike any other catgirl you might come across. She defies conventional ears on top. The character was made to have ears on the side of the head and wears a bell. She belongs to the top tier of the Neko girls and uses weapons that resemble a cat’s paw. She was seen appearing at SAO’s Fairy Dance Arc. She is the absolute mistress of the Cait Sith race. She is super cute with her catlike looks and Neko manners. Make sure to check out this character if you are a die-hard Neko fan. She is a great addition to the list and well deserves her spot.

The 10 Cutest Neko Characters in Anime - Alicia Rue
Alicia rue

7. Cyan from Show By Rock !!

‘Show by Rock !!’ It is quite an interesting anime, and if you are interested in musical anime, then you are going to love the series. Cyan is not originally a Neko character. However, when she gets caught up in the video game, she finds herself as one. If you like shy kawaii girls, you will fall in love with Cyan. Not only that, but she also wears an outfit that instantly reminds us of a maid’s outfit. So you get the best of both worlds.


He has cute black cat ears and tail and looks adorable when he’s acting. You can also play the game, and you may even find it even more attractive. Like a Neko, she is quite direct and gentle. We bet you’ll want to pet her as soon as you see her on screen. She is one of the most innocent in our top 10 of the cutest Neko characters in anime.

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6. Blair from Soul Eater

Blair isn’t just an ordinary Neko character. His magical powers lie in the fact that he is a cat and can transform at any time from cat to human and vice versa. Maka and Soul first thought that she was a witch, so she felt quite offended. As a cat, it has large yellow eyes with purple fur. This could be the reason why her hair is purple when she becomes human. His personality is like that of a cat: playful and mysterious. However, she is also very insightful about her surroundings. She tries to be understanding and tries to lighten the mood of everyone around her. Now who wouldn’t want a Neko who can change into human form at any moment and also be such a nice person?


5. Neferipitou from Hunter x Hunter

Neferitpitou is a dangerous cat-like chimera ant. He is considered deadly by many and is responsible for Kite’s death. It has full cat features and a couple of physical features like ears and paws. He is seen most of the time licking his paws and showing his Neko self. After having killed Kite, he used his corpse to train his army of chimera ants. Neferipitou attracted a lot of attention when he killed Kite. Cute and fatal might be the two most appropriate words to describe it.

The 10 cutest Neko characters in anime - Neferipitou

4. Nekopara Vanilla

Nekopara is an anime that has several Neko characters. However, not all of them can be included in our top 10 most adorable Neko characters in anime. Vanilla is Chocola’s twin sister and, as her name suggests, she has white cat ears, a tail, and even hair. Through her hair she has a rosy hue. She dresses in lolita fashion and looks adorable! Vanilla also has a cat personality, but she differs greatly from her older sister. She is extremely calm and collected. She is stoic as a cat. Some fans even consider her a kūdere. So, if you like kūdere and you also love Neko characters, then Vanilla must be the new favorite on your list.


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3. Eris from Cat Planet Cuties

Eris is a sixteen-year-old scout sent by the Caitan people to Earth. She is from the planet Cat Planet Cuties. She was sent as an emissary by the Chaitans. She is too sweet and with her cat features she can easily win you over. She has cute little cat ears and a beautiful cat tail. She is extremely friendly and easy going. She befriends several cats on Earth. Her love interest in this anime is Kio.


2. Yoriko Sagisawa from Da Capo

Yoriko Sagisawa could be considered as one of the cutest Neko one can find. Also, De Capo was quite excited at the end and had our sympathy for Yoriko. However, Yoriko is actually the cat and Misaki is the human form. Although Yoriko turns into a cat-eared servant girl, we fell in love with her big eyes and brown hair. She behaves like a cat and a human. It was also interesting to see how she settled into the human world and also overcame her fear of going out into the world alone. If you like maids and cats, then you have the best combination of characters from our list of the 10 cutest Neko characters in anime.

yoriko sagisawa
Yoriko sagisawa

1. Ichigo Momoiya from Tokyo Mew Mew

Now that this is the year that the release of Spiderman created a lot of buzz among people, how about a Neko girl who has cat genes injected into her body? Ichigo Momoya is the protagonist of the Tokyo Mew Mew series and the leader of the Mew Mews.

Ichigo Momoiya
Ichigo Momoiya

She can transform into a cat at will. She transforms into a perfect Neko girl with a pair of cute cat ears. She has a collar and even a tail, for that matter. In the anime it was shown that his DNA was combined with that of an Iriomite cat. Therefore, she is half human and half cat.

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