Top 10 Must Watch Music Genre Anime Series

Music is something that can change your mood in a matter of minutes. You can seek the comfort that music brings with any mood and emotion. There is always something new that will suit the excitement and your current personality. But what is similar to listening to music but not directly? In one way or another, people like to see a story that provides them with good quality music or is based on the theme of the music. There are different types of stories that revolve around different characters but similar in the theme of Music. Here is a list of anime series that are not common but are based on the theme of music. On top of that, the list below will give you an insight into the top 10 mainstream music anime series of all time.

What an anime series can do is exert a great influence on viewers. After watching Haikyuu, people get inspired to play volleyball, Blue Period made people get inspired to become artists. Here are some anime series that will surely inspire me to become a musician, start a band, or enter singing classes. Apart from this, these series are equally capable of bringing your mind to a peaceful state with their beautiful images and relaxing music, which will be present in the series. Please note that these anime series are not judged on the basis of the quality of the music, but solely on the theme and how they represent the concept of music in an eye-catching way.

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10. Sound of the sky

Sound of the Sky, also known as Sora no Woto, is a Japanese anime series produced by A-1 Pictures. Unlike many other anime series that are adapted from the manga, the Sound of the Sky anime is the one that was later adapted into a manga. The plot of the series revolves around a young woman named Kanata Sorami, who is highly inspired to join the army. It was inspired by a rendition of “Amazing Grace” by a mysterious trumpeter from the Swiss army. Later, he learned to play the trumpet under the direction of Sergeant Rio Kazumiya. In the midst of the war situation, Kanata seeks to find some peace with music. She began playing music together with her crewmate to enjoy the lives of war-weary residents.

`` The 10 best animes with music themes
sound of heaven


Initially released as a game and later adapted into a manga series rather than an anime series, IDOLiSH7 has come a long way. The game was produced by Bandai Namco Online and released on August 20, 2015. As for the manga series, it was written by Nokoshi Yamada and released its first chapter in 2015, and it still continues with a new chapter. The anime adaptation is available in three seasons, where season 1 was released on January 7, 2018 and consists of 17 episodes. The anime’s plot revolves around the life of a girl named Tsumugi Takanashi, who is an inexperienced manga by a new idol group named IDOLiSH7. The series described the struggles he faced while training them and overcoming the difficulties of the entertainment industry.

Anime theme music

8. Bicycle! saxhorn

The plot of the anime series Hibike! Euphonium revolves around a music club called The Kitauji High School Concert Band Club. The club once participated in a national tournament, then won it and stayed at the top until its advisor changed. Now, the club barely manages to reach the qualifiers, in short, it is not doing very well. As a new advisor is appointed there, performance changes dramatically. The new instructor met their tough training schedules and motivated them to keep going. However, the students struggled to perform solo, and some of them gave preference to their studies, so they left the group. The creator can’t let the series end like this, finally when the tournament time came, the club won the tournament.

The best music anime series
Hibike! saxhorn

7. K-ON!

K-on! The anime series is an anime adaptation of a four-panel manga series by Kakifly. The anime adaptation was released on April 3, 2009 and consists of 39 episodes along with 2 OVAs. A few games and an adaptation of the series were also released, making it one of the highest-rated music-themed anime series. The series’ plot revolves around the lives of five young high school girls who struggle to bring life to their school’s music club. Ritsu Tainaka and Tsumugi Kotobuki spend their school days practicing their music alone at their music club, but then in order to save their club, they started gathering members for it. They formed a band and named their club “Light Music Club”.

Top 10 Musical Anime You Should See

6. Nodame Cantable

The series has some similarities to the other anime series on the list, which is “Your Lie in April”, but as you dig deeper, you will realize that they are different. It also follows the other theme of romance as the story revolves around the life of the protagonist Shinichi Chiaki. The young manga aspires to become a musician and has a dream of flying to Europe and performing in front of the elites. However, the plot twist is that he is afraid of getting the light and staying in Japan. As he is now in the fourth year of music college, he met a girl named Megumi Noda and was impressed by her after hearing her play the piano. Now, Shinichi wonders if Megumi can be the girl who can make a difference in his life.

Top 10 Musical Anime Series You Should Watch
Nodame Cantable

5. Carole and Tuesday

Unlike any other anime series on the list, Carole and Tuesday can also be referred to as a fantasy and music anime series. Its plot follows the life of a young woman named Tuesday Simmons who lives on a partially formed Mars in the future. While feeding on his life, he left his father-in-law’s home to pursue his dreams of becoming a musician. He left with his guitar and visited the city of Alba. There he met a young man named Carole Stanley, who is a refugee from earth and also an aspiring musician. They both began their journey when they came together as two singer-songwriters and named their duo “Carole and Tuesday.”

The best anime music themes
Carole and tuesday

4. Children on the slope

The Japanese manga series Kids on the Slope is written and demonstrated by Yuki Kodama. The series was published by Shogakukan Publications, which dropped its first chapter on September 28, 2007. The manga series concluded with a total of 10 volumes and on July 28, 2012. The anime adaptation of the series was also released. series that was produced by MAPPA and Estudio Tezuka Producciones. It dropped its first episode on April 12, 2012 and the series ended with 12 episodes on June 28, 2012. The series’ protagonist named Kaoru Nishimi, along with his two friends Sentarou and Ritsuko, created a band following their passion for music. music. .

Top 10 Musical Anime Series You Should Watch
Children on the slope

3. Nana

As it has entered the top 3 of the list, the competition will get tougher. The plot of the anime series Nana makes it the most beloved anime series in the Josei genre. It focuses on the lives of two young women, both sharing the same name Nana. They met by our coincidence while they were sitting on the train to Tokyo, leaving to begin the new stages of their lives. Nana Komatsu plans to join her boyfriend at an art school, while Nana Osaki plans to become a punk musician. The main focus of the series is to show Nana’s relationship and how her plans and ambitions work. The other thing that made the series so popular is its art and anime that are so beautiful in our eyes.

The best music anime series

2. Given

Given is a Japanese manga series by Natsuki Kizu published by Shinshokan Publication. It dropped its first chapter on April 30, 2013 and it is still ongoing. The anime adaptation of the manga was produced by Lerche Studio and was released on July 11, 2019. The plot of the Given anime series is divided into two main arcs. The first arc focuses on Ritsuka and Mafuyu’s relationship as they create their own marching band and move towards their first live performance. The second arc revolves around the relationship between Akihiko and Haruki, who are following the band and preparing for their first music festival. As the anime has yet to wrap up, it is still moving forward with the third arc that focuses on the relationship between Hiiragi and Shizusumi.

The 10 best musical anime series

1. Your lie in April

The reason Your lie in April is at the top of the list is that it is the most relaxing yet interesting anime series on the list that focuses on the subject of music. Apart from this, it also focuses on the concept of romance, as it follows the relationship of the protagonist Tsubaki and Kosei. The plot revolves around the lives of two musicians, one of them is a violinist and the other is a pianist. When they started the journey playing music together, they both fell in love with each other.

The 10 best musical anime series
your lie in april

But life is not just about beautiful events, the violinist Kaori fell ill and needs an operation to save her life that is extremely dangerous. The anime is an adaptation of a manga series that launched on April 6, 2011, and concluded with 11 tankobon volumes. As for the anime series, it was produced by A-1 Pictures and premiered on October 9, 2014.

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