Top 10 Perverted Male Characters In Anime

By | January 11, 2022

When it comes to anime production, anime fans have been quite satisfied with every story, plot, character design, and all sorts of things that Japanese anime has introduced. However, Japanese animation isn’t always about hugs, technology, and other things. From different genres, there are characters that also make us swing in other directions. Let’s say male characters like Midoriya Izuku from My Hero Academia, Hinata Shoyo, and Kageyama Tobio from Haikyu !!, who are considered innocent and target-driven characters, are famous. But have you ever wondered what their opposites would be like? Contrary to these innocent-looking male characters, there are also some who are ‘kinky’. So, here we will look at some of the kinkiest male characters in anime.

While the characters can be kinky, don’t underestimate their abilities. Anime fans who may meet them are legends. And those who have not yet been introduced to such talents still have time. But before you go to watch the series, we are going to introduce you to some of the best ‘perverted’ male anime characters to have earned that title.

As the list goes up to 10, before that, there is an honorable mention that has earned its own following.

Tanaka: Tanaka kun is always listless.

To be honest with you, Tanaka isn’t exactly a pervert. But since he mentioned a few phrases, I decided to give him honorable mention status. First of all, she mentioned that she recognized Shiraishi by the size of her chest when she was raised in her true ‘fool’. Then he goes on and says that he will not have sex. When Ohta asked him why, who knew he would answer that way? Tanaka said she wouldn’t mind having to satisfy her curiosity if she had a girlfriend.

Since Tanaka is an apathetic person, he decided to do nothing to get tired, plus he would feel bad if he had a girlfriend just so he could satisfy some of his desire.

Quite a chivalrous pervert, huh?

perverted anime male characters
Shiraishi-san and Tanaka-kun share an umbrella.

Master Roshi – Dragon Ball Z

Did you automatically imagine that Master Roshi would be here as you read the title? After all, nothing can beat a perverted mind. Fondling your breasts, making yourself small and sneaking into the bathroom to see for yourself, asking for strange favors, Master Roshi has done it all. There is no way to describe Master Roshi. Those who are aware of its perversion, well, they don’t need any description for you. But for those who don’t know about it, they only need to know one thing. “Master Roshi is a master of perverts.”

perverted anime male characters
Master Roshi flirt mode activated

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“Boobs. Lots of boobs. This is great. Oh, lots of butts too! When a comment like this is made, what do you think they are? A pervert !!!

Jiraiya is the one who said, and again, Jiraiya is the one who is another, that is, a ‘pervert’. Better known as a ‘perverted hermit’, Jiraiya is a self-proclaimed super pervert, whose hobby is spying on women while they bathe, a passion he openly flaunted and was, in fact, proud of due to the infrequency with which he they caught him.

perverted anime male characters
Jiraiya can’t stop drooling

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Joseph – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Who doesn’t know about Joseph’s antics? Did you hear that he even sneaked up to see through a keyhole? Well, isn’t he quite a perverted character? Joseph, you don’t just exchange glances with women; he even manages to become one. Although quite inaccurate, Joseph was still able to put on a show in front of the German soldiers and even pouted in front of them. His perverted self is pretty funny.

Joseph Joestar peering through the keyhole

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Makarov – Fairy tale

Seeing an old man longing for a young girl is truly unimaginable. But what if he’s like Makarov from Fairy Tail? That will be a completely different story, right?

Makarov may be a pervert, but he knows his limit, and that’s what fans love about him. You like to have wild guesses and you also love to see your dreams come true. Getting the point? (If so, then you are also on this list)

Guess what? Makarov is being handled very well by Mirajane, and she keeps his wicked thoughts at bay.

Makarov has a wild imagination

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Brock – Pokémon

For Pokémon, having someone like Brock is a great blessing, actually. Truth be told, every anime series needs to have a character like Brock, don’t you agree? Whereas in each interval, we watch Team Rocket and even get bored sometimes. Fans love seeing Brock make the same reactions every time he meets beautiful women. Nothing can stop Brock from messing with the ladies.

Brock loves every Officer Jenny and every Nurse Joy they come across when traveling from place to place. And we fans love to see him react every time he does that.


Meliodas – The Seven Deadly Sins

Do you think being a pervert is a sin? Well, who knows. Maybe yes or maybe no? However, Meliodas doesn’t care. Even if he had sinned his whole life, he would not stop halfway. That’s basically why he never stopped flirting with Elizabeth, is all we have to say. However, his moments were less cute and more wicked. (Or maybe both?)

perverted anime male characters
Meliodas doing what he likes with Elizabeth

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Mineta – My Hero Academia

Oh god, to think that Mineta would come off as a perverted character? You got surprised? Don’t be because their actions will impact you more. Interestingly, Mineta actually says the exact same thoughts when we think she will. Relatable? She loves big breasts! He loves Midnight, he loves Mt.Lady, he also loves Ashido, he loves who knows how many. He is, after all, our cute little pervert Mineta.

Mineta unable to get her hands off someone.

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nishinoya – Haikyuu !!

Are you aware that you are missing a rather perverted volleyball player if you haven’t seen Haikyuu yet !? I guess there’s no choice but to set you free this time. But after reading to the end, go ahead and see if you haven’t already. (from a Haikyuu fan !!)

The Karasuno High School volleyball team has a Libero who is known for his receptions as a vital piece of the team. Nishinoya is, on the other hand, known to be quite the perverted gamer, and he actually is. He even went ahead and thanked Hinata for ‘accidentally’ pushing him when he was about to land on Kanoka’s breasts.

Well that was an accident, and Nishinoya’s plan completely failed when Kanoka caught him! That was one of the hilarious moments in history.

perverted male anime characters
Nishinoya, about to ‘accidentally’ land on Kanoka’s chest

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Hisoka – Hunter x Hunter

Hisoka can be called a pervert because he is a pervert. You can tell Hisoka is a sadistic pervert, in a way. Well the theory is simple. (That’s what fans think after seeing his reactions and dialogue)

The above sentences are somewhat indirect, is that what you are thinking? Well, there is a reason for that. Truth be told, I assume Hisoka is actually a pedophile? He hasn’t done anything of the sort yet, but his reactions are too strong to go unnoticed. He likes Gon and Killua’s reactions. And the faces he makes are to remember.

perverted male anime characters

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Victor – Yuri! On ice

Is Viktor, a world famous ice skater, personally training Yuri, a stranger from Japan? Well that’s a completely different story as we’ve gotten together to discuss how perverted Viktor is, let’s get right to the point.

Victor and Yuri

Viktor never gives up an opportunity to flirt with Yuri. He is always by Yuri’s side and teases him to the bottom of his heart. Once, Viktor even kissed Yuri’s lips, because Yuri did so well in his performance. There may be romantic feelings entirely, but Viktor is quite flirtatious and a pervert in his own way as well.

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