Top Class Assassins Encounter Monster Puppets In Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 2

Master Komio and Ukoku bet on the moonlight in episode 2 of Saiyuki Reload Zero. One day at night, a student talks to his teacher and wonders why the teacher is not sleeping. The student reminds the teacher to rest as he will pay for it in the morning. But the teacher insists because he wants to drink more. The teacher called his student Koryu, who told him to sleep and that they would meet in the morning. The latest episode of Saiyuki Reload Zeroin reveals the reunion of the teacher and the students.

A strange guy comes along and the full moon turns into a dark moon. The teacher wonders who this mysterious guy is and changes the appearance of the moon. The stranger realized that the teacher was alone. The teacher calls him Ukoku and realizes that Ukoku doesn’t want to hurt. Ukoku sits near the teacher, talks about Koryu, and realizes that he has heard rumors. The teacher told Ukoku that Kuryo would soon be seven years old. They realize that Koryu has changed since he joined them. The moon returns to a full moon and shows light.

Ukoko asks Master Komio to think that they would swallow the other if it were a night and Komio was the moon. Master Komio looked at the moon and told Ukoku that they could bet because he knew that this person took the shape of moonlight. Ukoku accepts the bets and asks what Komio will offer. Komio reveals that they are betting on the next sun to rise. In the morning, Goku and other warriors travel through the desert, and Goku complains that it is boring since they don’t collide with the bad guys.

Previously on Saiyuki Reload Zero in Episode 1

The warriors try to convince Goku not to speak out of boredom as they could receive divine punishment for saying something like that. Goku replies that he will be glad to be tortured with meatballs and meat buns for his diving punishment. Sanzo scolds Goku as he always complains like a baby. Mysterious creatures hid in the forest and noticed a gang of boys passing by. Goku wonders how long it will take them to reach the next city. Hakaki told him that they would reach the next town after crossing the mountains. Goku saw the shadow of the mountain bandits attacking them and gasped.

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 2
Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 2

Hakaki realizes that they are under attack and manages to control the steering wheel of the truck to stop it. They get out of the truck and Hakaki wonders if his divine punishment has come. Goku drew his weapon and told the bandits that he was the first class assassin. Sanzo realizes that he has time to do an excision while he punishes those guys. Hakaki stops them from attacking and reminds Sanzo and Goku that those guys are human. Sanzo realizes that he can’t feel the demonic aura of those guys. The bandits thought that Goku and his crew were demons.

Hakaki decided to knock them out since they couldn’t kill humans. Sanzo wonders what is happening as the bandits they face possess power that is not human. They shot one of the bandits and he turned into a puppet. Hakaki worries about what the demons have said, and Sanzo tells the crew to leave as the storm approaches. Later, Goku and the others are in town and decide to search for the inn. Hazel realizes that Goku is exceptional after he jumps up, grabs his hat, and returns it to her.

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 2 Release Date

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 2 will be released on January 13, 2022. Hazel and her men decided to stay in town for a while. They kill the monster that is rampaging and Goku is impressed. In the morning, a war breaks out and Goku fights the monsters. Let’s check out the official details of Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 2.

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 2
Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 2

Watch Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 2 online on Bilibili Global & Muse Asia (playlist) at 11:00 pm JST. You can also watch Saiyuki Reload Zeroin episode 2 online on the official HIDIVE and Youtube channels, especially for fans in the UK. Saiyuki Reload Zeroin dubbing episodes will be announced online soon. Let’s meet when Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 2 releases.

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