VR Movie on Mars — The First Interactive NFT in the World

  • Mars4 to launch a 3D virtual reality (VR) movie on Mars.
  • The future of the Mars4 Metaverse will be set in motion by your Martian community.
  • All Mars4 NFT owners will have direct information about Mars4 Metaverse.

Every day more and more people discover the potential of Mars4 NFTs as an interactive investment for people who are ready to dive into the present and the future. One such person is an Arab Sheikh who is the first Mars4 investor and community member to buy the first NFT sold on Mars4.

He made a significant early investment with the purchase of the Super Rare NFT named after the famous physicist Sir Isaac Newton in 1973. Known as Newton, the 3000 km wide southern crater is located in Terra Sirenum.

These investors are the key building blocks of the Red Planet metaverse, a world filled with bold in-game attributes that encourage collaboration and resource sharing between LAND owners and players.

As stated above, the Mars4 project is determined to create the most captivating, realistic and imaginative experience for its investors globally. Basically, Mars4 Metaverse is designed to take full advantage of Ethereum’s blockchain and virtual reality technology, with detailed and in-depth views of the virtual world of Mars.

To enjoy this world, you simply have to put on your virtual reality headset to transport the viewer directly to a daring landscape full of craters, volcanoes and a series of fun surprises that the Martian community will help define.

The Mars4 metaverse will be launched by members of the Martian community. This implies that each Mars4 NFT owner will have a direct stake in its ecosystem. To participate in the project, users can hodl NFT or buy a Mars4 token. Plus, join the VR movie party at Mars4 Discord channel to first see the new Dubai virtual reality movie.

Essentially, Mars4 is a Metaverse and P2E gaming platform where users can explore a virtual 3D of the fourth planet Mars, own and customize their EARTH, and earn rewards from the world’s first income-generating NFT.

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