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Nagachaitanya said, “We made this film with the aim of making the audience laugh, leaving aside the logic of the Sankranti festival.” His latest film with Nagarjuna as the hero is ‘Bangarraju’. Kalyan Krishna is the director. It will be released on the 14th of this month. Nagachaitanya shared with the journalists on this occasion ..

Did it seem like a challenge to do justice to Bangaraju’s character?
Dad brought a new image to the role of Bangaraju with the movie ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’. Receiving those expectations and doing justice to the character seemed challenging. Before accepting the film, I asked my father and director Kalyan to clear up all my doubts. My father gave me good advice on how to take care of body language and accent.

What is more important to your character compared to Nagarjuna in the trailer? Why?
Both of our characters in the film have equal priority. The story goes on from the perspective of Bangaraju’s character. The characters of father and Ramyakrishna drive the story forward.
Kovid‌ wonders how the impact of ticket rates issues along with the calm will have on the film.
Although the impact of ticket rates does not want to be big on our movie. The budget of the film has been decided keeping in view the existing ticket rates. If ticket prices go up it will be a bonus for us. I’m just an actor. Do not interfere too much in anything other than acting. Before starting a film, let me tell you what kind of support I can give to the producer. We will start the journey if we both feel comfortable.

How have you overcome the difficult situations you have encountered in your life in recent times?
We are both divorced for good. He (Samantha) is happy with that decision. I’m happy though. It was a good decision for both of us to make that career decision.

What’s next?
Eighty-five per cent shooting of ‘Thankyou’ movie directed by Vikram K Kumar is complete. After this movie, Vikram is going to do a web series with a horror storyline under his direction. He did the movie ‘Lal Singh Chadda’ with Aamir Khan in Hindi. Directors Parashuram and Vijayankanakamedala’s films are under discussion.

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