Westworld Series: Develop Romantic Relationship

Westworld, created by Jim Carrey and Robert Rodriguez, is a film based on the HBO television show of the same name. The film tells the story of a man named Ben Hardwicke, who works at an amusement park. There he befriends several other characters, including a woman who works in the park and has a son called Killian. The romantic relationship between the two characters develops throughout the film, although the relationship between the two men and women is far from clear cut.

Westworld Series

Westworld Series

In the first season of Westworld, the first episode had one of the most shocking moments I’d ever seen on a television show. While doing a line in the characters’ monologue, Ben kills his supervisor. This prompts park owner Wayne (Evan Rachel Wood) to hire a hitman to relieve the menace. The hitman turns out to be his ex-wife’s boyfriend, Cosmo (Aidan Gillan), and he tracks down Ben to Westworld.

As it turned out, Ben was actually a guest-star on an episode of Westworld rather than the show’s main character. In the show’s third season, the story revolves around the Man in Black (Evan Rachel Wood), a murderer whose crime is using the Westworld amusement park as a means to commit crimes. He worked with the park’s original owner, Jim (Martin Freeman), before he was fired. During the third season we also learn that the man in black is obsessed with contacting the past.

The man in black tried to contact Emily (Amandagi Waters), but she didn’t answer his calls. He then went ahead and tried to contact his daughter Violet (IKayla Moreno). Westworld’s resident Charm’s mother, Dolores (Hannah West), tries to stop the couple from seeing each other, and eventually introduces them to each other. In the episode “Pilot”, Emily and Violet were accidentally given acid by Westworld’s original host, Robert, and the two parted ways during the episode.

During the first season, the Man in Black became more involved in the affairs of the park. He hired new hosts and guests, instructed them how to behave, and generally ran the show as head of operations. Eventually, according to the Westworld website, the original host was diagnosed with cancer, and the show was cancelled. The good news, however, is that the Man in Black has been promoted to programming president since he passed away.

The good news for Westworld fans is that new Westworld programming will return in Season 4, according to the Westworld series’ official site. This time the program will focus on the theme “Reshaping the Guest Experience”. Self-aware hosts will be replaced by robots that understand and can anticipate the needs of their human companions. According to the official site, “The new technology will enable hosts and guests to create a connection that strengthens the bond between them.” Hopefully we’ll see more episodes of Westworld with a self-aware host running the show.

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