What to watch after Line of Duty?

If the end of Fulfillment of your duty left a big, action-packed hole the size of police corruption in his life, we’ve got a few things that could help fill it. This is what to watch out for Fulfillment of your duty.

Whether it’s dodgy cops, tense interrogations, or edge-of-seat action sequences, here’s something to keep you “sucking on diesel” …

Suranne Jones on Vigil

Suranne Jones sinks to new depths in ‘Vigil’. (Image credit: BBC)

Much was made of this show’s pedigree when it launched, the six-part drama hailing from World Productions, creators of Fulfillment of your duty which had topped the ratings just a few months earlier. Its plot follows DCI Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) as she deals with a death aboard a nuclear submarine. Soon her investigations, and those of her colleague on shore, see her take on both the Navy and MI5 as she begins to uncover a conspiracy. The series also features Martin Compston, also known as Fulfillment of your dutySteve Arnott, and some crunchy finishes that will make AC-12 fans feel that while they may be at sea, they are still in very familiar territory.

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