What to watch on Fox Nation this October when the spooky season kicks off

It’s officially fall, marking the autumn of the spooky season upon us.

You know what they say: cold weather means ghoul weather; As the days turn cold, so does Fox Nation with their chilling new content on true crimes, Halloween stories, and more available to stream in October!

From the long-awaited reboot of the hit series ‘COPS’ to a new Fox Nation original series that has you Playing detective, the streaming service has some tips and tricks for crime enthusiasts of all calibers this season.

And if, like many, your favorite part of Halloween is the candy, well, Fox Nation delivers.


What are you going to do? Look at Fox Nation.

The sirens are calling you! The spookiest month of the year begins with the long-awaited rebirth of the award-winning “COPS.” Fox Nation subscribers can watch the decades-long hit series that follows alongside the patrol police in all the action.

After seeing its cancellation in 2020 amid protests from George Floyd, Fox Nation announced in September that it would acquire the rights to a rebooted season 33, scheduled to launch every Friday on the app.

‘COPS’ is the recipient of four Primetime Emmy Nominations. In 1993, it won the American Television Award for Best Reality-Based Program.

Don’t miss the 33-episode season 33 debut on Fox Nation tonight at 6pm.

Can you solve it?

Every place has stories, especially the Jersey shore.

The oceanfront mansions, often empty for nine months out of the year. The wild nightlife, worthy of its own reality show. The locals, the people who live and work there all year long as the tourist season ebbs and flows like the tide.

So when Brittney Gregory, a popular 16-year-old high school student from Brick, NJ, disappeared without a trace in 2004, the charming seaside community was shaken, and the search for a motive led authorities on a high-level manhunt. risk.

Now, Fox News Judge Jeanine Pirro is reviewing the story of Brittney and others on the new Fox Nation series, ‘Can You Solve It?’

“Together, we will analyze a real-life crime as it unfolds to see if you can solve the case, “said Pirro of the series.

“Here are the rules: Grab your family, put down your phone, pay attention. We will expose the clues and suspects when the police discover them. And we will give you time at the end to see if you can figure it out.”

Do you have what it takes to solve a murder? Using real-life evidence, clues, and interviews, join investigators on a wild ride to solve the case, and catch the killer, in Pirro’s October release, ‘Can You Solve It?’

Killer next door

Looking for more true crimes? You don’t have to go far.

This veritable crime anthology, in which FBI crime profiling architect John Douglas decodes the worst serial killers, from mixed hitter Ed Kempner to killer clown John Wayne Gacy, is available to stream in October. .

The five-episode series also features serial killer Larry Gene Bell, House of Horrors killer Gary Heidnik, and the infamous Son of Sam, David Berkowitz.

Each episode reveals a different killer and how the police tracked him down. Along the way, Douglas reveals the motivations of these killers and what led them to commit their horrible crimes.

Crimes that changed America

There has been no shortage of crime in recent American history. In the past year alone we have witnessed an increase in homicides, despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic banished most Americans to isolation for a small part of 2020. But even the most seemingly pointless crimes could leave a behind. tremendous impact; not only in the families of the victims, many of whom embarked on tireless crusades to honor their loved ones, but also in society.

For Fox Nation’s ‘Crimes That Changed America’, Emily Compagno traveled across the country to investigate some of the most infamous cases of the last half century, in an effort to find out what Really happened at crime scenes, and learn more about the new laws that came into effect as a result.

From the infamous story of Caylee Anthony to the case that spawned the formation of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), true crime fanatics with a yearning for justice can delve into the various crimes that changed America on Fox Nation East. autumn.


A Halloween Special of ‘At Home With Paula Deen’

Finally, for those who aren’t the ‘crime all the time’ type but still love what the spooky season cooks up, check out Paula Deen’s Halloween special this October.

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