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If you’re looking for the best TV shows to watch on Netflix, a good place to start is Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows list, which tells you which series are the most viewed on the service. Wednesday September 29 is Squid – the South Korean drama that is sweeping the entire universe (or maybe just Tiktok) – still ranked number one. There is not much movement anywhere else, with the thriller. Clickbait going up a place and pushing Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan down one. The horror miniseries Midnight mass and teen comedy Sex education enter second and third.

But just because people watch a show doesn’t mean it’s good. We broke down the full list of the top 10 Netflix TV shows and help you figure out what’s really good and what shows aren’t. We do the same with the 10 best Netflix movies, as well as the general list of the 10 best Netflix. We also have a list of the top 50 shows and movies to watch on Netflix right now, as well as the best movies on Netflix and the best TV shows on Netflix.

Based on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows for Wednesday, September 29

1. Squid

For fans of: Violence, cruelty, cash | It’s fine?: It’s exciting, totally crazy and worth your time.

A group of participants compete in a series of childhood games with deadly consequences: Red Light, Green Light includes a giant robot doll that shoots the competitors if they move, for example, and the last one standing wins the cash prize. It has a mix of Real battle and Running man on it, and you can’t go wrong with that if you’re looking for something completely messy. (Yesterday’s rank: 1)

2. Midnight mass

For fans of: Stephen King, The curse of Hill House, brain horror | It’s fine?: We really love it

After The curse of Hill House and The curse of Bly Manor, creator Mike Flanagan continues what he does best with another winning horror miniseries, only this time he passes the haunted house and heads to an entire haunted island. The seven-episode series takes place in a fishing community 30 miles from the mainland and brings religion to the limelight when a new charismatic priest (Hamish Linklater) arrives on the island promising to lead his growing flock to the salvation. As you can guess, it doesn’t quite work that way. Telling him more would be a disservice to the narrative. (Yesterday’s rank: 2)

3. Sex education

For fans of: Children Discovering Themselves, British Accents, Gillian Anderson | It’s fine?: It’s one of the best teen shows right now.

The best-dressed British teenagers on television are about to change their look: school uniforms. The Netflix charmer, daring on the outside and sweet on the inside Sex education is shaking life up in Moordale in season 3, which recovers as the students begin a new period. Desperate to reform Moordale’s reputation as the “sex school,” new principal Hope (Girls student Jemima Kirke) takes drastic measures to enforce order, which are going as well as you might expect. Where are Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey) when their teammates need them? Unfortunately, it is still down after a certain voicemail was deleted. (Yesterday’s rank: 3)

Four. Cocomelon

For fans of: Vegetable puree, pacifiers | It’s fine?: For babies, safe

Colorful objects, preschool songs, and big-headed babies make this catnip for toddlers and younger children who spend time in front of the screen. (Yesterday’s rank: 4)

5. Clickbait

For fans of: Black mirror, feel bad | It’s fine?: You will never believe the answer (not really)

Adrian Grenier stars in this twisted miniseries as a man kidnapped by a mysterious bad boy. The kidnapper live streams Grenier’s character in captivity, with accusations that he abuses women, leaving his family wondering if they really know him. Meanwhile, your destination is directly related to the number of views the stream gets. Sounds like a click-to-kill situation! (Yesterday’s rank: 6)

6. Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan

For fans of: True crime, Primary fear | It’s fine?: It’s quite interesting

In 1975, Billy Milligan was charged with multiple rapes on the Ohio State University campus. During his psychological evaluation, he was diagnosed with a dissociative identity disorder or multiple personality disorder. Monsters inside It analyzes the exam and your judgment with archived images and re-enactments, and is good for viewers who know very little about the subject, as it explains things from scratch. (Yesterday’s rank: 5)

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7. Lucifer

For fans of: Supernatural cops, puns from hell, the mind of Neil Gaiman | It’s fine?: It’s a fun time

Even the devil does not have infinite lives. After being canceled by Fox, saved by Netflix for season 4, renewed by Netflix for a “fifth and final season”, and then resurrected again for a surprise. sixth and last season, LuciferThe enchanting streaming afterlife is coming to an end. The last 10 episodes find Lucifer (Tom Ellis) preparing to take his place as God, not that he and Chloe (Lauren German) seem to be in a big rush to get the job done. (Yesterday’s rank: 7)

8. Ganglands

For fans of: Good criminals against bad criminals, guns | It’s fine?: It’s a pretty decent crime drama.

A thief and veteran thief are forced to team up to steal cocaine from a dealer in this gritty, action-packed French crime drama. If you like underdog criminals who do a job forever, give it a try. (Yesterday’s rank: 8)

9. The circle

For fans of: People stuck in a place with no way out, but in a fun way | It’s fine?: Not as fun as it was in season 1

It seems as if The circle has just released its second season, but in any case, it is already back for a third. The Netflix competition series follows contestants who are confined to their own rooms in an apartment complex and can only communicate with each other via social media. There are tons of cat fishing, tons of poorly kept secrets, and tons of cheesy hashtags. Not a lot of new things happening here! (Yesterday’s rank: 9)

Here’s what’s worth watching in the overall Netflix Top 10 (movies and TV shows)

10. Jailbirds: New Orleans

For fans of: Prison life, Orange is the New Black, bathroom phones | It’s fine?: It is solid

The docuseries Jailbirds is back with a spin-off that moves the franchise from Sacramento to New Orleans, following the lives of prisoners serving time at the Orleans Justice Center. This time, the ladies seem a bit more optimistic than in the original, and the tone of the show reflects that. (Yesterday’s rank: 10)

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Natasha Rothwell and Murray Bartlett, The White Lotus

Natasha Rothwell and Murray Bartlett, The white lotus

Mario Pérez / HBO

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