Who killed Kattappa?

Leading director Ram Gopal Varma recently held talks with Andhra Pradesh Cinematography Minister Perni Nani on raising ticket prices. Announcing that the talks had ended satisfactorily, he questioned the AP government with a series of tweets to the contrary. His 24 tweets in a span of an hour took precedence. Has the government imposed restrictions on any other product similar to movie ticket prices? How do we determine the equivalent ticket price for a Rs 500 crore short film ‘RRR’? Does the government get revenue when the people have the purchasing power despite the higher rate for benefit‌ shows? Verma asked. Verma pointed out that the AP government had repealed the Cinematography Act 1955, which had been in force for 70 years, and that it should be challenged in court. The Maharashtra government is offering a ‘Rajamouli’ RRR ticket for Rs 2,200. Home state AP says not to sell even for at least 200s. This is the question facing existence .. A series of tweets by Ram Gopal Varma saying ‘Who killed Kattappa’ (who killed Kattappa ‘) have become a topic of discussion in industry circles.

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