Will Kiyo Impress The Makio With Her Cooking In Kiyo in Kyoto Episode 12?

Kiyo in Kyoto Episode 12 will be released after being delayed this month. We will see the previous episode of Kiyo in Kyoto as the anime picks up where it left off. In the recent episode of Kiyo in Kyoto, Kiyo struggled as he couldn’t decide what to cook for dinner. She asked the maiko what they would eat and they told her different dishes. Sumire told him she would have fried chicken. His desire becomes so strong and he begins to entertain the customer. But then he went home and returned to Maiko House. Sumire met up with Kiyo and they greeted each other after discovering that Kiyo was making fried chicken.

Sumire gets excited knowing it’s for her and she’s been longing for it. Later Mamohana arrives and Kiyo prepares a plate of nabekko dumplings for Mamohana. In the morning, Kiyo continues to cook and feed the maiko. He prepared everything without disturbing the maiko, who was still sleeping. She made breakfast and headed out to buy groceries. In the afternoon Kiyo prepares lunch for the maiko as they are hungry for the lessons. She served them before they went out to train.

At night, Kiyo cleans up before joining the public bath. Later take a walk enjoying Kyoto at night. In the second segment, Kiyo cooks curry rice at the retired cook’s house after learning that no one can cook curries at Maiko’s house. In Aomori Prefecture, Kenta visits Kiyo’s grandmother’s house and learns that she has received a letter. Keita discovers that the letter is from Kiyo and remembers how Kiyo and Sumire exchanged the school notes. He realizes that he will never forget Kiyo’s handwriting as it catches his eye.

Kiyo in Kyoto Episode 11 Recap

On New Years Eve, Kiyo returns home to enjoy the New Year with his grandmother. Sumire and Kenta join Kiyo and their grandmother on New Years, and they talk about different things as they prepare the hometown walnut sauce for Ozoni soup. Later, Kiyo Sumire and the maiko girls met in Kyoto, were given a day off, went to the river, and enjoyed camping. After taking a day off, the girls return to work; The Maiko House girls rush to get ready quickly for the first day of work. Sumire has changed her hairstyle and greets Mother with a new style since it is New Years.

Kiyo in Kyoto Episode 12
Kiyo in Kyoto Episode 12

He wears a formal black crest kimono suit that is worn on celebratory occasions. Kiyo prepares a special breakfast in the kitchen for such an auspicious day. The maiko knows that they must take care of themselves while they have breakfast, and mother brings first quality meat. Kiyo wonders what he will do with that meat. The maiko comes back and admits it’s cold and tries to turn on the heater, but they can’t find electricity. The maiko suffers from the cold and sits while trying to warm up.

But Kiyo makes them a steaming pot and they improve. After a week, the Setsubun festival comes and everyone has to wear costumes as it is customary for Geiko to dress up for the festival in Kagai. The makio wakes up late and helps with accessories and wardrobe. The girls went to the other room after waking up. Sumire tried looking for something inside the kitchen at night to help everyone. He had dinner with Momoko and a regular customer. But she couldn’t develop a good menu and decided to eat whatever Momoko was eating.

Kiyo in Kyoto Episode 12 Release Date

Kiyo in Kyoto episode 12 will be released on January 27, 2022. After dinner, she wonders what kind of menu Momoko is ordering, as she has no idea what she’s eating. Sumire met Kiyo in the kitchen of the house and asked him to prepare that dish that she wanted to enjoy the next day. Let’s see the official details of episode 12 of Kiyo in Kyoto.

Kiyo in Kyoto Episode 12
Kiyo in Kyoto Episode 12

Watch Kiyo in Kyoto Episode 12 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Kiyo in Kyoto episode 12 online on Crunchyroll & Bilibli Tv at 10:00 PM JST. You can also watch Kiyo in Kyoto Episode 12 online on the official VRV channel and Youtube for those in the UK. The anime will announce the Kiyo dubbing episode in Kyoto online on its official websites and Twitter account. Let’s meet when episode 12 of Kiyo in Kyoto premieres.

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