Will Metropoliman Become God In Platinum End Episode 14?

By | January 7, 2022

Platinum End Episode 14 reveals White versus Red after Metropoliman decided to stay as his allies had abandoned him. Metropoliman told Mirai that it would be her White Arrow against Mirai’s Red Arrow. Mukaido realizes it’s a fair fight, and Metro asks Mirai if he’s ready to go 1v1. Platinum End has made a comeback after delaying its previous episode. On the recent episode of Platinum End, Mukaido is glad that Metro has done something that sounds like him since the battle began. Mirai has accepted the challenge and Metro talks about the rules they must follow during their duel.

Other God candidates thought Metro was cheating on Mirai and told Mirai not to accept the challenge. Metro told Mirai that he could decide the rules since no one trusted him. Mirai reveals the rules they will use and Metro agreed to fight under those conditions. They know it will be a battle without holding back or trying to escape, and they have to attack each other only by dodging. Metro thinks an idiot has come up with something good. They land on the ground and decide to fight there, as they do not want to involve other candidates for God.

Mukaido reminds Mirai to shoot Metro with the Red Arrow and deliver the final blow. Mirai thinks she can handle Metro and will kill him. Angel de Metro thinks that the amusement park is not the place to settle scores. Metro told him to take care of his business as he knew what he wanted to do. He took a coin and said that he was Tail and Mirai was Head, and it would be decided who would attack first.

Previously on Platinum End Episode 13

Metro tossed the coin and pulled out one of the old tricks from the book. Attack Mirai before the coin hits the ground. Fortunately, Mirai deflected the attack before hurting herself. Beret and Ravel were impressed by Mirai’s reflections. Metro withdraws his White Arrow and reminds Mirai that he is exercising. He told Mirai that it was their time to attack, but that they could attack each other from a distance of five meters. Mirai follows the rule and shoots Metro with the Red Arrow. But Metro surprised him and sent that arrow. Mirai was surprised that Metro did it differently from him.

Platinum End Episode 14
Platinum End Episode 14

Metro explains why their defense is different and tells Mirai that he is sure he shouldn’t change a rule as they will fight without using wings. He promises that he will become God. Metro thinks Mirai made a stupid rule that won’t give her an advantage, and a brat shouldn’t underestimate it. Metro believes that no human can defeat him as the throne of God awaits him. Mukaido asks Metro if he thinks he has become God. Metro responds that he has become the Lord God, and he likes the sound of that.

Look at the sky, stretch out your arm and shout that it is the Lord God. Metro remembers when he was with a loved one. The beloved realizes that Metro has kept its promises and is excited. Metro told the lady that the flowers he had created would never wither that afternoon. But that happiness faded, and Metro decided that he would become God to support that happiness since his love, Rea, died. Mirai believes that Metro will not become God without paying for her sins. Saki gets excited as Mirai is surviving heavy blows.

Platinum End Episode 14 Release Date

Episode 14 of Platinum End will be released on January 14, 2022. Mirai told Metro that she would receive divine punishment no matter how many people died. They argue on the subject of God, and Mirai reveals that he is a “special” human after showing Metro powers that he has never seen. Metro tried to manipulate Mirai and told her about Hajime, that he had no friends. Let’s see the official details of Episode 14 of Platinum End.

Platinum End Episode 14
Platinum End Episode 14

Watch Platinum End Episode 14 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Platinum End Episode 14 online on Crunchyroll & Funimation on Friday at 1:28 am JST. You can also watch Platinum End episode 14 on VRV via Crunchyroll & Digital Network in the UK. Mirai and Metro trade blows, and Mirai realizes that Metro has many secrets. Metro thinks it will shoot Mirai in one hit. Let’s meet when Platinum End episode 14 releases.

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