Will Reiner Braun Die in Attack on Titan Final Season? The Fate of Armored Titan

Reiner Braun is basically the protagonist of Attack on Titan from a Marleyan perspective. Like Eren, he kept moving forward according to the idea of ​​righteousness that he believed in. In his story, he is the hero who saw the eradication of the demons from Paradis as the only way to end this cycle of cruelty. Throughout the series, he went through many near-death situations and other difficulties in the face of which death feels like a luxury. He even attempted suicide as the guilt for his past actions was too difficult to bear. With that said, will Reiner Braun really die in Attack on Titan: Final Season?

Part 2 of season 4 ended with Reiner Braun bringing the Marleyan army to Paradis for his most anticipated rematch with Eren. Considering how strong Eren has grown, fighting him is nothing short of suicide. He was nearly killed in their last encounter in Liberio, and Eren intends to finish him off this time. The article will have major spoilers from the original manga, so read on accordingly.

Eren vs Reiner rematch at Marley

Reiner undoubtedly fought better than his last meeting in Liberio, but ended up getting beaten up by Eren again. While Eren was occupied by Pieck’s anti-Titan artillery, Zeke turned Falco into a mindless Titan. Totally rejecting the chances of a reunion with Brother Yeager, he allowed Falco to slowly devour him and inherit the Armored Titan. However, Porco got in his way and willingly gave his life to Falco, and Reiner had no choice but to see him before his very eyes. Adding salt to the injury, Eren and Zeke eventually make contact. He gave Eren the powers of the Founding Titan, with which he desensitizes all the Wall Titans, and since the Armored Titan is covered in hardened skin, it fell apart.

Reiner vs. Eren

What happened to Reiner after the Marley war?

After the Marley war, Reiner is awakened by a kick from Annie. He was surprised to see his former comrade fight alongside the remaining 104 training corps to stop Eren. Mass genocide around the world is not something both sides can afford, so they team up to stop the rampant army of the Colossal Titans. After many difficulties and sacrifices, the team gets an Azumabito airship and flies to Eren’s location near Fort Salta. For the first time, the world is coming together regardless of its races to fight a greater threat, Eren Yeager.

Will Reiner Braun die?
Reiner Braun as armored titan

Will Reiner Braun die?

No, Reiner Braun, aka Armored Titan, will not die in the Attack on Titan series. In his final battle against Eren Yeager’s founding titan, he will succeed in preventing the huge centipede from reuniting with Eren without being killed. However, after Eren’s death, the world is freed from the curse of the Titans and Reiner is no longer the Armored Titan.

Reiner suffers from PTSD.

Reiner recovers the memories of his last conversation with Eren, and bemoans the fate of his friend and the immense guilt he carried to unite the world again. This was a great moment for Reiner as he managed to stop Eren and save the world from the curse of the Titans. For the first time in her life, things turned out exactly as she had planned, and she couldn’t help but rejoice in the moment by greeting her mother.

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Why didn’t Ymir’s curse kill him?

According to Ymir’s curse, all Titan Shifters have a short lifespan of 13 years after inheriting the Titan. Reiner was 12 when he inherited the Armored Titan, so the 21-year-old Reiner had only a few more years to live. However, Eren’s death changed everything. The event eliminated the existence of the Titans from the world, thus turning the Eldians into normal humans. Not only Reiner, but also the other warrior candidates such as Annie, Pieck, and Falco were also freed from Ymir’s curse.

Will Reiner Braun die?
Reiner suffers from PTSD.

Reiner’s future after the battle of heaven and earth

Three years after the fateful confrontation, the survivors became peace ambassadors for Paradis and the remnants of the outside world. Jean and Reiner were seen joking about how he completely missed an opportunity to make a move in History. Meanwhile, Annie was more concerned about her chances of successfully negotiating with Paradis. Despite the bloodstained history Paradis shares with the world, Armin was hopeful that his life story of Warriors and Survey Corps working together would inspire future generations. Thus, we can say that the heroes of the Battle of Haven and Earth made sure that the sacrifices of their comrades for the greater good were not in vain. Even if it is for a brief period, they eventually established a world where people are tolerant of each other.

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