With the attachment of father and son ..

Vijay Raja and Tamanna Vyas have teamed up for the movie ‘Vei Shubhamulu Kalugu Neeku’. Rams Rathod is the director. Tumu was built by Narasimha Patel and Jamie Srinivasa Rao. Recently this movie has pushed the audience. The director says that the film, which stretches with the sentiments of father and son, connects to every family. The story goes that family relationships are so great. The actors have done well in the story, ‘he said. The producers say that the film will be thrilling with family elements as well as suspense and thrilling elements. Hero Vijay Raja said, ‘The film is best made without imposing budget restrictions on a small hero like me. The novelty of the story is the main reason why the film impresses everyone. ‘ The event was attended by Yuva Hero Akashpuri, Bigg Boss 5 winner Sunny and others.

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