Your iPhone 13 Pro Max can take advantage of a 30W charger

The iPhone 13 Pro Max can charge a bit faster than other models, based on tests by YouTuber ChargerLAB (and backed up by other tests), which show that the phone consumes up to 27 watts of power when connected to a compatible charging pad. If you have a 13 Pro Max and want to fill your massive battery as quickly as possible, you may want to consider getting a 30W charger that, depending on evidence cited by @ duanrui1205, you can charge it from zero to full in less than 90 minutes.

This appears to be an update from the previous generation: 9to5Mac reports that the iPhone 12 reaches a charging speed of around 22W. This is a 5 W pulse, which is not negligible. The benefit of a larger charger is limited to the Pro Max, according to @ duanrui1205, who said that the smaller iPhone 13 Pro could only charge at 20W. All of this is lost if you are charging wirelessly or with Apple’s MagSafe disc. be limited to 15 W maximum.

If you’re looking for a 30W brick to charge your Pro Max a little faster, it’s probably worth a look at your home first: Apple includes 30W chargers with its new MacBook Air, and the 61W charger that comes with MacBook Pros might as well. provide the 27 watts your phone needs. You can check any other charger in your house by reading the regulatory text that is usually printed near the pins; if you don’t say power directly, you can find out by multiply the amps and voltage.

If your search for a 30W charger did not find anything, Apple will happily sell you one. You can also find many third-party such as Anker’s tiny Nano II GaN brick. One thing to keep in mind when looking at chargers is the charging rates they support – to get the 27W charge, the iPhone is looking for 9V at three amps, according to the ChargerLAB video (showing a 30W charger that’s just charging the iPhone at 18W).

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