YouTube star Mel Thompson dies at 35

YouTube star Mel Thompson, a makeup artist who created content for her over 170,000 subscribers in a series of viral video tutorials on the platform, he died on Sunday. She was 35 years old.

Puffin Thompson confirmed the death of his “beautiful” wife on Monday through an emotional post on Instagram, which has racked up tens of thousands of responses in less than 24 hours. The influencer’s wife revealed the passing of the Tennessee native while sharing a series of 10 happy snapshots of the social media star posing with family and friends, but her official cause of death has yet to be revealed.

Mel sadly passed away yesterday. We lost a beautiful person ”, Puffin he told his 58,000 Instagram followers, adding that sharing the news was “really difficult.”

She continued: “I had to respond to so many text messages from people who were just looking at her without even knowing of her passing. It’s great to see how loved she was. And she loved you all again. I will continue to love and miss her forever. “

YouTuber Mel Thompson had 170,000 subscribers on the video platform and almost 60,000 followers on Instagram.
YouTuber Mel Thompson had 170,000 subscribers on the video platform and almost 60,000 followers on Instagram.

the burgeoning makeup guru The bereaved husband continued to praise Mel “a pillar to” his family, despite battling as yet undisclosed health issues that he claimed left her bedridden.

“And no matter how bad it felt, I was still rubbing my back when she came in and hopping on the bed next to her while she worked tirelessly to put the content on,” he said.

YouTuber Mel Thompson had 170,000 subscribers on the video platform and almost 60,000 followers on Instagram.
Friends claimed that Thompson allegedly battled various health problems, including Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

A commenter claiming to be one of Thompson’s friends commented on the post, revealing that Mel had reportedly been battling multiple health issues. including Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. The latter disorder consists of a “group of inherited disorders that affect connective tissues, primarily the skin, joints, and blood vessel walls.” according to the Mayo Clinic. People with Ehlers-Danlos are at increased risk of injury because their connective tissues do not provide the support that their skin, joints, blood vessels, and other organs need to function. There is no cure for the genetic disease, and treatment generally focuses on managing your symptoms.

Highly flexible joints due to a mutation in their collagen production means that they can easily dislocate a knee or shoulder while performing daily activities. In others, degraded connective tissues result in weakened blood vessels, making those patients prone to internal bleeding. And it’s not unusual for patients to require extreme intervention at a young age, such as hip replacement surgery in patients younger than 20 years old.

Thompson’s YouTube channel was quickly filled with tributes from his many fans, as well as posts from other YouTube makeup stars like James S. Welsh and Lisa Eldridge, the Daily Mail reported.

“I am very sorry for your loss,” Hindash, a Dubai-based cosmetics giant with 1.2 million followers, posted in comments to Puffin’s announcement. “Heartbreaking news.”

Mel’s final video was Posted three days ago with a typically optimistic greeting: “Hello beauties!”

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